Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Because It's Christmas - Group 5 UNWRAPPED - Chatterchix Starter Kit GIVEAWAY

*Girl* *Power* is the name of the game as we unwrap the next gift in the Because It's Christmas Kids and Charity Giveaway. A ChatterChix Starter Kit is the next gift and it is part of Group 5. What is ChatterChix? They are a new line of fun and educational trading cards designed just for girls ages 5 to 12 that YOU have a chance to win and the Relief Nursery of Collin County in Plano TX will receive, compliments of ChatterChix!

ChatterChix fits perfectly into our goals for Because It's Christmas as they apply to any and every girl aged 5 to 12 that embodies the timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship. They are glossy cards that really demonstrate the diversity and personalities of American girl power across each of the 50 states. You'll meet girls like Rachel from New York who owns Labradoodle named Snickers, Elizabeth from North Carolina who makes paper dolls and Kaitlyn from Texas who's a swimmer.

Robyn Bard, inventor of ChatterChix, is a former teacher and mother of three who hopes to inspire a whole generation of young females to find a common ground in girls from every corner of the country who juggle homework, family, pets and after-school activities... just like them.

Beyond the original 50 ChatterChix trading cards - depicting one girl from each state - are ChatterPet™ cards and a fun looking website ( that has places for diary entries, educational activities and some really great weekly chatter topics to help girls be able to support and uplift one another. With just-like-me topics including Buried In Homework and Privacy Please, girls share their best ideas to surviving horrible haircuts, piano lessons, little brothers and bathroom privacy - what I would not have given for someone to ask those questions to!

"There are many faces of normal," explains ChatterChix founder Bard who hails from Florida. "As a mother and an educator, it's important for girls like my daughter to see girls from coast to coast like Charity of California. Her entire family is vegetarian and lactose intolerant. As Charity so simply declares on her trading card, while holding up her surf board, it 'seems weird to some people, but it just seems normal to me!"

Collecting and trading the 30 ChatterPet cards are just as fun. There's Iowa's Patriot the horse, North Carolina's Rover the dog and South Dakota's Harley the bearded dragon. Florida's Coco the dog is the rarest must-have pet cards. Like all pets, these colorful critters teach girls about compassion, unconditional love and being a friend.

While girls will love reading about young people from various parts of the nation, they are actually getting a geography lesson, something they are sorely in need of. Each card lists fun facts about the ChatterChix's home state -- the capital, flower, bird and nickname - all kinds of things to make them fun and personable.

The trading cards come in packs of six random cards with limited edition cards like Emily from Florida, found in one out of eight packs. The cards are sold for $2.99 (US) per pack in national chains like Learning Express plus specialty stores from New Hampshire to Louisiana and beyond. ChatterChix™ is so terrific that it has been named Best Picks for 2008 from Dr. Toy!

My girls have yet to enter the world of trading cards but I have a strong feeling that after Christmas, they will be ALL Over them thanks to ChatterChix!

The items contained in a ChatterChix Starter Kit include a Trading Cards Binder, 3 packages of ChatterChix trading cards, a US map, and aset of sticks to help girls keep track of other Chix locations on the map. The binder is fun and functional, a perfect place to showcase and store your cards at home or on-the-go. The ChatterChix Trading Cards demonstrate that every ChatterChix represents a different U.S. state and she comes to life through her unique bio, appearance, personality and lifestyle. It will be impossible for your girls to not have fun!


Note: by entering this giveaway, you are actually entering to win all the toys in Group 5. The more individual posts you enter, the more of a chance you have to win the Group prizes. The entries will be combined from all posts and a winner selected, so you have a chance to win the Group prizes even if you only enter on one post.

To enter to win a ChatterChix Starter Kit from ChatterChix, do the following:

  • Visit ChatterChix and look around.
  • Come back here and leave a comment telling us what you like best about the site.
That’s it!

To earn extra entries:

  • Post our Because It’s Christmas button on your site (you can find the code for it on the middle right sidebar) - 5 EXTRA ENTRIES

  • Blog about this giveaway and link back here and to ChatterChix. (the links must be active/clickable) - 5 EXTRA ENTRIES

  • Subscribe to our updates. - 1 EXTRA ENTRY

  • Enter a Because It’s Christmas giveaway over at What's That Smell? and come back here and tell us which post/giveaway you entered on. - 1 EXTRA ENTRY PER POST/GIVEAWAY ENTERED

  • Enter a Because It’s Christmas giveaway over at 3P's in a Pod and come back here and tell us which post/giveaway you entered on. - 1 EXTRA ENTRY PER POST/GIVEAWAY ENTERED

Please leave separate comments for each additional entry, ie: if you blog about this, leave 5 separate comments.

Giveaway will run through Nov. 30th at noon central time and is open to the USA.


Because It's Christmas began Nov. 10th on my blog, 3 P's in a Pod and you won't want to miss a minute!


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I love the ChatterPet cards!

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Taylor said...

Im saying the Poll of The Week

Gianna said...

I love that it looks like so much fun for kids.

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

Thank you SO much for all of your entries!

The GIVEAWAY has now closed and no further entries will be accepted.

Please watch for the announcement of the winners soon!

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