Monday, August 18, 2008

An EC Summer Credit Splash!

Casey over at EntreBlast is rounding out the summer with an awesome Entrecredit Summer Credit Splash!
The contest prizes are just pure ECs. They have garnered a total of 36,000 ECs and they are up for grabs spread over just a few lucky winners. And I want some of those credits!! What can I do with said credits? Well, advertise this awesome blog and let more readers know how much fun we have here! I think it is a very worthy cause, don't you?;)

The Prizes

There are 6 EC prizes up for grabs, increasing everyone's chances of winning something! I like those odds!

1st Prize - 17,000 ECs

2nd Prize - 10,000 ECs
3rd Prize - 6,000 ECs
4th Prize - 2,000 ECs
5th & 6th Prizes - 500 ECs

The Sponsors

I cannot believe the generosity of these amazing sponsors. Take a minute to visit them if you have a chance.

4000 ECs


1000 ECs

Ez DIY Electricity
Raise the Jolly Roger!

So, wish me luck and if you want to participate too, just stop by the Summer Credit Splash for all the scoop. And keep on droppin'!


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