Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekly Roundup of Giveaways, Contests 'n More! -8/5

Have you recovered enough from the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival to be ready for more?? Sure you have because like any true Giveaway and Contest lover, you just cannot ever get enough! And you know, as much as I usually totally love the BGQC, I hardly got around to enter any this time. :( How sad is that? So, to make up for it, I have scouted around and found us some EXTRA awesome ones for this week! Good luck!

Those crazy girls over at 5 Minutes for Mom have ramped up the volume again with an awesome Back to School Giveaway, now through the 12th so be sure to visit them!

A Daycare Life's Suzi Homemaker Giveaway: Win a $30 store credit from Suzi Homemaker. But hurry, it closes tonight at 11:59pm!!

The Giveaway's Kathy Lo Photo Necklace Giveaway: Win a small silver photo necklace by Kathy Lo Rocks. Contest ends Aug. 7th.

Props n Pans' Nina and Tom Giveaway: Win a $50 gift certificate to spend as you please at Nina & Tom’s website . Hurry, contest closes Aug. 7th.

Can of Thoughts' Diaper Changing Pad Giveaway: Win a beautiful Aqua Chestnut Change Me-Anywhere Changing Pad from Jennifer's collection priced at $18.00. Contest closes 8/8!

LI Kids' Backyardigans Mighty Matchup DVD giveaway: Five winners will each receive a copy of the Backyardigans Might Matchup DVD. Contest ends 8/8.

Livin With Me's Country Bob’s giveaway: Win 2 bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose sauce and cookbook. Contest ends 8/8.

An Island Life's 4 QT's Tutu Giveaway: Win a Super Full Tutu from Creations 4 QTS in your choice of colors or a $25 gift certificate. Giveaway closes at midnight, Aug. 9th.

Life Is Like Champagne's Galison File Tote giveaway: Win aGalison File Tote in pattern of choice. Contest ends 08/09/08.

Little One’s Fliggity Cape Shirt Giveaway: Win a unique shirt by Fliggity. Contest ends Aug. 9th.

Free Birthday Treats Blog's Birthday Party Kit Giveaway:Win a Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party Kit sponsored by Storybook Studio. Contest closes at midnight, August 9th.

All Because Two People Fell in Love's Kumon Workbooks Giveaway: Win two Kumon Educational Workbooks. Contest ends August 9th.

A Mom Speaks' Prima Princessa Swan Lake DVD Giveaway: Win a Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake DVD. Contest deadline is August 10, 2008.

The Parent Spot's Big Week of Giveaways!: Stop in and sign up to win things from Busy Body Books, Mom Spit, baked goods, menu planning service, and more! Sign-ups for giveaways end August 10th.

My Mommy's Bracelets' Back to School Giveaway: Win one of many giveaways galore! The contest ends at midnight on August 10th.

Simple Home Basics' $50 I Love Photo Gifts GC Giveaway: Win a $50 gift certificate to I Love Photo Gifts. Contest closes 8/10.

I Love Giveaways' Charmed Pendant Giveaway: Win a Custom Pendant with Chain from Charmed. Contest closes August 10th.

Simple Home Basics' Quote the Walls Giveaway: Win a $50 gift certificate to Quote the Walls. Contest ends August 10th.

A Daycare Life's Swaddle Design Giveaway: Win a Summer Swaddle Blanket in Kiwi & Mocha Stripped Fish. Contest closes 8/10 at 11:59pm.

What's That Smell's Daughter-in-Law Rules Giveaway: Win a copy of Sally Shields' book, The Daughter in Law Rules. Contest ends Aug.11th.

Sassy Frazz's Oopsie Daisy Conditioner/Detangler Giveaway: Win a bottle of Oopsie Daisy Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler. Contest ends Aug. 11th.

Berrie Sweet's Picks Grobag giveaway: Win a Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag and a Grobag Egg from Keen Distribution. Contest ends 08/11/08.

For The Love Of Baby's Boogie Wipes giveaway: Win a Boogie Wipes gift basket. Contest ends 08/11/08.

Eat Your Veggies! Pop'rs Giveaway: Win a complete set of Pop'rs(all 8 flavors). Contest ends Aug. 11th.

TheCelebrityCafe.com's Dippin Dots Party Giveaway: Win a Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Party Pack, $135 value. Contest ends 08/12/08.

MomFinds' Robeez Giveaway: Win one of two pairs of darling Robeez shoes. Giveaway ends Aug. 13th.

Laura Williams' Musings' Twisted Silver Giveaway: Win a pair of silver Tassel earrings. Contest closes 8/13.

Parent Reviewers' Hundreds Of Heads giveaway: Win your choice of a book from 4 titles. Contest ends 08/14/08.

SIMPLE's Baby Legs Giveaway: Win a pair of Baby Legs from the Sling Shack. Contest closes Aug. 14th.

Starry Skye's Wine Charm Giveaway: Win a set of Springtime Wine Charms from Atomic-Mama Gifts & Glam. Contest ends on Aug. 15th.

Maternal Spark's Jewelry Giveaway: Win a Bloom necklace from Jane Osgood Designs. Contest closes Aug. 15th.

Something Snappy's Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth Giveaway: Win a set of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Clothes. Contest ends August 15th.

Growing Grace Online'sPortfolio de Couturier: The Miss Potter Era Giveaway: Win a copy of The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. Contest Ends Aug. 15th.

The Mommies United SurpriseGift Basket Giveaway: WinV-Tech VMotion, Kraft Bagel-fuls, Gift check for Starbucks new beverage, Vivanno, Burger King Crown Cards and Kids Meal Crayola back-to-school toys, Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps and Potato Crisps. Contest ends August 15th.

Just a Little Scribble's BooBoo Bag Giveaway: Win a set of 3 BooBoo Bags from Mommy's Little Helper. Contest closes on Aug. 15th.

Giggles N Sugar Kisses' Mia Bella giveaway: Win a box of 12 asst. Mia Bella votive candles. Contest ends 08/15/08.

Satin Doll Cafe's Handmade By Linda giveaway: Win the Summer Dance Thank You Card Set, value $10. Contest ends 08/15/08.

East Of The Pecos River's PlumPearApple Designs: Win a superhero cape made by PlumPearApple Designs. Contest ends 08/16/08.

Something Snappy's Lily Gulch Handmade Soap Sampler Giveaway: Win a Lily Gulch Handmade Soaps Customized Skin Sampler. Contest closes August 17.

Cowgirl Critiques' Bluetooth Headset Giveaway: Win a Joby–The Zivio™ Bluetooth Headset. Contest closes August 17th.

Vhiel's Corners See Kai Run Giveaway: Win a pair of See Kai Run shoes for your little one. Contest open until 8/22.

The Celebrity Cafe's VIP Phone Giveaway: Win a Sony Ericsson VIP Z750 Package. Contest closes Aug 31st.

MomDot's Bumbleride Flyer Stoller giveaway: Win a Bumbleride Flyer Stoller, value $329. Contest ends 08/31/08.

Parent Reviewers' Sew Cute giveaway: Win a $25 gift certificate for Sew Cute. Contest ends 08/31/08.

The Friendly Book Nook's Amazon Gift Card giveaway: Win a $15 Amazon gift card. Contest ends 08/31/08.

Save Money'sAugust $25 Gas Card Giveaway: Win a $25 Gas Card! Contest ends Aug. 31st.

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill's Grocery Money giveaway: Win $20 for groceries. Contest ends 09/29/08.

and don't forget to enter my EZSchool Supplies giveaway now through 8/11 or my Your Little Sweet Pea giveaway now through 8/15!

That ought to keep you busy for a while! Have fun and win lots!!


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