Sunday, July 13, 2008

Homeschoolers Need Love Too!!!

**This was a recent review I did for fun on my other blog, 3 P's in a Pod.**

I saw this on The Girl Indie Blog and had to laugh. This actually touches on one of my pet peeves. See, I have many friends who Homeschool their kiddos and while it is not something we do, I can see a lot of merit to it. My pet peeve though is the folks who do it but do their kids a huge injustice by not socializing them, not keeping up with their studies and basically raising illiterate children. (I'll now step away from that soapbox:).

This shirt is just one of many cute items the Homeschool Boutique sells allowing families to show their Homeschool pride. They have one that says "100% All Natural Homeschool Chick - No Preservatives Added" and a cute Mom shirt with a 'Survivor'-style logo saying "Mom Survivor Homeschooling Tribe" not to mention many others.

Their products look to be good quality, created by a Homeschooling family themselves. They accept Paypal as well as many different credit cards as forms of payment and they ship the products within 48 hours of purchase.

So for all of my Homeschooling buddies, those I don't know or any Homeschoolers that you know, stop by the Homeschool Boutique and see how many creative and fun products they carry because, after all, Homeschoolers need some love too!!


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