Sunday, July 20, 2008

Make Life E-Z with EZ School Supplies: Product Review

Do you realize that school starts in a little over a month?

Hard to believe I know but at least here in Texas, very true. I am already going over in my head all of the things I need to work out like how to get two girls ready by 7:30 instead of one and the things we need to purchase like back-to-school clothes (like I talked about in my last
Works for Me Wednesday ) backpacks and school supplies. Of course, you know me - I like to make things easier whenever possible. Well, have I found a winner in the easier department, let me tell you!!

Introducing: will save you from running from store to store, trying to find every little item on your little darling's school lists and, more importantly in my opinion, keep you from having to hazard those life-threatening school supply aisles at Target and Walmart!!!

Let me do a little show and tell so you can know a little better what I am talking about.

The folks at EZ School Supplies were kind enough to send me a sample supply box so I would be able to give you information based on my actual knowledge. Anytime a box arrives, the girls are so excited that they have to get in on it. Obviously I was taking far too long to open the box.

When they opened the brown box, they discovered the school supplies came in a neat and tidy EZ Pack. The box alone was a treat! Made of sturdy cardboard and designed with all sorts of helps to record your child's year, the box is created to be a memory box once it had completed it's job delivering the supplies. Someone was really eating their Wheaties the morning they came up with that idea!

Of course, my girls were not to be deterred from opening the goodies. The products were securely packaged so that there would not be any damage to the items while in transit.

The supplies were all name brand items like Crayola, Fiskars, Mead and more.

End result: A bunch of very happy campers ready to break out the books with a Mama who is delighted at the prospect of handling all of this from the comfort of my own home.

If my good experience thus far is not enough to convince you to start ordering from , then let's talk money.

Being the somewhat practical and frugal soul I am, I would favor shopping with these folks just for saving the gas alone. After checking the prices
EZ School Supplies offers against other retailers of school supplies , they are comparable overall. But let me help you a little further.
I have an exclusive discount code you can use to save ten percent on your purchase from EZSchool Supplies, and the best part? The discount code NEVER EXPIRES! So if you are 'lucky' enough to have teachers who run out of glue sticks and erasers in February, you can come back here, get the code, and save another ten percent! Doesn't get too much cooler than that, does it?

****Here's the code: Use this code at checkout to save ten percent- EZMB067****

Are you good now? Need a little more incentive? This can be a fundraiser! For every pre-approved, pre-packaged EZPack that is purchased, the school’s parent support group-like the PTA, PTO, School Booster Club, etc. - gets back TEN PERCENT of the purchase price, either in cash, or in additional supplies. So you buy the school supplies you need, and your school gets cash it can use for student programs, or extra supplies! The deal just keep getting better!

This is not just available to parents, schools and fund raising groups related to public schools~~~Homeschoolers
can benefit fro
m all of this too!

In closing, what do you need to do, hmm?

All together now -
Save time, Save gas,
Save money,and Save your nerves!

Order fro


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