Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekly Roundup of Giveaways, Contests 'n More! -7/30

My week has not started off too well what with my technical issues and all but finding a good giveaway or two (or three!) always helps to brighten my day and since it is Bloggy Giveaways week, let's see if I can't brighten yours!

Here are my finds for this week:

Bloggy Giveaways' Quarterly Carnival is pulling in listings of goodies from ALL over the blogosphere. It runs all this week through 8/1 so run on over and sign up for a giveaway or two or four. Who knows what you might win!

JoJo's Place 500th Post Party is going on all week until 8/3 with prizes galore.

Superdumb Supervillan's Sara Rose Tutus Giveaway: Win an adorably chic tutu. Contest open through August 13th.

A Bookworm's Diary Shoo Shoes Giveaway: Win one of two pairs of these adorable shoes. Contest closes August 4th.

Ohana Mama' oopdoo Giveaway: Win an oopdoo for your child's booboo! Contest closes August 9th.

Parent Reviewers' MarieLynn Wipes Case & Totes Combo Giveaway: Win a MarieLynn Wipes case and Totes Combo in your choice of design. Contest ends August 14th.

An Island Review's Veggie Tale's Tomato Sawyer/Huckleberry Larry DVD Giveaway: Win a copy of the brand new Veggie Tales DVD, Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue. Contest closes August 1st.

An Island Life's Kennedy Grace Boutique Giveaway: Win a personalized super-soft baby blanket in either pink or blue. Contest ends August 1st at midnight.

Maternal Spark's B/E Creative Stationary Giveaway: Win a set of 24 personalized notecards. Open until August 1st.

Mammalicious Finds HomeGrown Pillows Giveaway: Win a set of computer domfort pillows. Contest open until August 4th 8am (PST).

Mammalicious Finds Circle of Friends Giveaway: Win a Circle of Friends Plush Backpack kit (Pig or Frog). Contest open until August 2nd @ 8pm (PST).

What's That Smell Lands End BackPack/Walmart Gift Card Giveaway: Win a Cordura StudyHaul Backpack from Lands End including a $10 gift card from Walmart. Contest closes at noon on Aug. 8th.

What's That Smell's The Daughter-in-Law Rules Giveaway: Win one of 2 copies of The Daughter-in-Law Rules. Contest ends at noon on Aug. 11th.

What's That Smell's Princess Linens Doddlebugz Crayola Doodlebag Giveaway: Win a Doodlebugz Crayola Doodlebag. Contest closes at Noon on Aug. 13th.

A Mom's Take on Things' Princess Linens Doodlebugz Crayola Apron Giveaway: Win a Doodlebugz Crayola Apron. Contest closes August 2nd at 11:59 pm EST.

Life is Like Champagne's Hansens Sparkling Water and Champagne Glasses Giveaway: Win one four pack of each four flavors and a pair of Mikasa Champagne glasses! Contest ends at midnight on 8/10/08.

and don't forget to enter my EZSchool Supplies giveaway now through 8/11 or my Trendy Tadpole giveaway, now through 8/3!

Have fun and win lots!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our giveaways!!!

Anonymous said...

The Chocolistas is having a fabulous contest... Name That Chocolate Dessert!

check it out!

Vhiel said...

thanks for joining the fave techorati.. I went ahead and added your 2 blogs on my favorite.. :)