Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yoplait's Fizzix: Fab or Fizzle? Product Review

We are a yogurt-lovin' house. It is true. We devour it in many forms. Of course, by we, I mean everyone except P1. She has, shall we say, very selective taste.:) Ahem. But I digress.
When I was in France with my Mom several years ago while I was pregnant with P2, it was truly my favorite thing to have for breakfast...along with my hot cocoa and croissant. Thankfully, P2 is as yogurt lovin' as I am and very often, that is what she currently has for breakfast. She especially loves Yoplait's Go-Gurt so when they came out with their new Go-Gurt Fizzix, well, it was only a matter of time before we would try it out. Last week, she was my helper at Ye Olde Grocery Store and so into the basket it flew.

Here is what I found:

Fizzix comes in a box of 8 2.25 oz. tubes. They have 3 varieties of flavor combinations -

  • Blue Raspberry Rage/ Strawberry Watermelon Rush
  • Wild Cherry Zing/ Strawberry Lemonade Jolt
  • Triple Berry Fusion/ Fruit Punch Charge

Each tube has 80 calories, 2 g fat, 2 g protein, 11 g sugars and vitamins A and D and calcium.

Here is what I did like:

It is described by Yoplait as

"Go-Gurt Fizzix™ is a new yogurt snack…

...that mixes the wholesome goodness of Yoplait yogurt with a blast of carbonation for a fizzy taste that your kids will love. It’s a new fizzy sensation with cool new flavors like Blue Raspberry Rage and Strawberry Watermelon Rush. Even better, Fizzix has the same great nutrition as Yoplait Go-Gurt."

How could I, as a Mom, find fault with that? Go-Gurt is a great, transportable way to get a healthy snack in my kids and this seemed to add even more variety and fun. I also liked that it could be just 'cool' enough to entice my selective eldest daughter to try them.

The tubes are easy to open - my 5 year old can do it and now manage to eat almost all of the yogurt without waste or spillage.

Here is what I didn't like:

General Mills' idea is that this carbonation-infused yogurt will lure older children into eating more yogurt. That is not such a bad idea - if it did not have 40 percent more calories and double the cholesterol to a similarly sized container of non-fizzy strawberry banana Yoplait. It does however have double the calcium and more riboflavin and if they are not getting it anywhere else then I would probably be okay with it, especially in place of something worse.

The other thing I didn't like? Sad to say, the fizz. Yep, the very thing that makes the product what it is. Neither did my 5 year old. She described it as being 'too spicy'. As there is no 'spice' to the flavor, she was referring to the carbonation. When I tried them, the flavor was fine then all of a sudden, the carbonation snuck up on me. Not really a pleasant sensation.

Here is what I say:

So far, they are a bit of a fizzle. Since I really like them logically, I wish my kids would eat them. Thankfully we still have plain Go-Gurt available. In reading up on the product, I found the idea of freezing the Go-Gurt and Go-Gurt Fizzix tubes then either including them in school lunches where they will have had time to defrost yet stay perfectly healthy and safe temperature-wise or enjoying them like a frozen push-up. Since freezing them should significantly temper the carbonation, I'll bet the Fizzix will be a Fab seller around here on a hot summer day. (UPDATE 7/16/08: Tried them frozen, we LIKED them. Hey, let's get Mikey!)

Do you have any other clever ideas regarding how to enjoy them?

They are widely available in grocery stores. The suggested retail price is $2.79 for eight 2.25-ounce tubes.


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