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“Nana Star” Book Series Receives
Two iParenting Media 2008 Outstanding Product Awards
Fairfax, VA (August 20, 2008) –

Everyone knows about the North Star and the Wishing Star but it’s only a matter of time until we all know about “Nana Star.” Teaching children to feel loved and wanted, ee publishing’s first two book/plush/CD sets have each received an iParenting Media 2008 Outstanding Product Award. When asked how they felt about receiving the awards, Nana Star co-creators and sisters, Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice, said it was positively “Heavenly!”

Here’s what some of the iParenting reviewers said were the “Heavenly” characteristics of the Nana Star Book and Plush series:
Nana Star Book & Nana Star Plushie - The adventure begins when a little girl finds a tiny star in a pile of leaves one day while she's out playing. He's scared, barely twinkling, and he wants his Nana. She promises to bring him home, but it won't be easy--he lives high up in the heavens. Book comes with bonus audio CD that includes The Nana Star Song performed by Nashville singer/songwriter Tricia Walker.
To make the book a little more interactive, the authors have included a spelling mistake in each book and encourage readers to find it and send them a postcard with the correction. Children are then eligible to receive an 8x10 photo of the Nana Star costumed character and become an honorary member of the Nana Star Little Twinkles Club. The Club is expanded on its website,, where language arts activities for emerging readers are offered.
Included in this gift set is Nana Star, a plush character doll carrying Baby Star on a branch, just like in the story. Nana Star plush measures approximately 16" and Baby Star fastens by Velcro to the branch and attaches to Nana Star's arm like a bracelet. Award category: Books
• “This book had a good message about a girl trying to help a baby star. I think this a nice theme in the book in that it is about humans interacting with nature (the star). I liked the CD. Since I work in a school we are always looking for books that are on tape or CD that can be read to kids that have a difficult time with reading. I like that this product came with that. It was also a nice visual to have to doll that came with it. This provided different ways that the book can be used beyond just reading it to a child.
• “The most positive characteristics of this book were the illustrations and the colors. The book is so vibrant in color that it made you want to read. I liked that it came with an audio CD. I also liked that the book/story had a positive message. The Nana Star plushie was a nice add also to play along with the audio CD.”
• “The positive characteristics of this book is that it was a simple story of a topic children can relate to of being lost or not being able to find/ see someone they love. Some of the children talked about not seeing their grandma for long times and they seem to relate to Nana.”
Nana Star and the Moonman Book & Moonman Lovey Plushie - Second in a series, a comforting message about friendship and faith shines through this book for young readers who may not like the dark or are feeling lonely. The enclosed bonus audio CD includes The Moonman Song performed by Chloe Dolandis. Included is Moonman Lovey, a soft character doll whose head glows like the light of the moon and plays music.
• “This is a great story to help children feel that they are never alone and are always being watched over. It was especially great at my house, because my son loves the moon and stars, so he was fascinated with the "literal" wording of the story, as well as the overall concept. One of the positive characteristics of this book was that it came with a CD and a stuffed animal. It really helped the child to stay attentive to the story.”
• “The characters in the story were cute and the illustrations were attractive and appealing to my children. Having the plush to go along with the book made it more fun for the children. The story taught a lesson about fear and loneliness, something everyone experiences at one time or another.”
• “This is a great story to help children feel that they are never alone and are always being watched over. It was especially great at my house, because my son loves the moon and stars, so he was fascinated with the "literal" wording of the story, as well as the overall concept”., a Disney Internet Group media property, is a premier media site focused on parents. Their award-winning network includes more than 40 websites devoted to the entire family lifecycle and Points on Parenting radio show.
iParenting Media’s Award Program provides a credible and objective method of determining the best products and recognizes those products with its iParenting Media Award. It is dedicated to informing, inspiring and uniting the parenting community it serves via its multiple media platforms of the Internet, syndicated newspaper column, radio show and video.
The goal of iParenting’s awards is to provide the best parenting content and community platform for its members; and expanding sales, building strong customer relationships and increasing branding for its clients. It does this through innovation, responsiveness and a passion to be the best, which leads to its users’ and clients’ satisfaction. It is a team of motivated individuals and its strength is generated from its devotion to its community, its clients, its industry and its employees.

About ee publishing and productions, LLC
Sisters Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice trademarked their partnership the “laugh-friendly company” to reflect their philosophy of business and life. “We have been shushed our entire lives and wanted a place where we could be free to laugh out loud if we wanted,” said Elizabeth. The pair said they want to be able to laugh at both the bad and the good as it comes along.
They believe that the simple story of Nana Star will be a success in today’s society where it is hard for children to find appropriate role models. They also believe that parents will welcome a return to simpler, nostalgic times. “Marketing is very commercialized,” said Patrice, “and children are introduced to characters who are very mature.” The goal of ee publishing is to help families recapture calmer times in a hectic world.
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Believe it or not, Jake loves Nana Star and even sleeps with the doll next his pillow, which in his world is a place of honor, the only better place is ON his pillow.