Monday, September 29, 2008

Note to Self - Review and GIVEAWAY

Keeping a journal is easy. Keeping a life-altering, soul-enlightening journal, however, is not. At its best, journaling can be among the most transformative of experiences, but you can only get there by learning how to express yourself fully and openly...

Let's face it. We’ve all attempted it at one point or another in our lives. You know what I mean - keeping all of our most personal thoughts written down in some form of a book. Sometimes, it might be a diary, kept under lock and key. Or maybe a journal, where we have tried and perhaps failed to write about what matters most. Often, it has succeeded for a time, only to peter off and be left to collect dust.

Help has arrived! It's called Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits by author Samara O'Shea.

Samara herself has described it for!

This is actually Samara's second book, the first one being For the Love of Letters, a book about the seemingly long-lost art of letter writing. Wow, right up my Mom's alley! Note to Self, however, focuses on something a little closer to my heart -- writing journals and blogs. This book inspires you to write, and if that's not enough, she also gives you some ideas on how to journal and examples from her own journals and from the journals of others.

There is even a section here for bloggers, since blogging is really just another form of journaling for many. How cool is that?! As O'Shea says, blogging is more structured than a journal entry, but really, not quite an article. Since Samara is a blogger herself, she understands what it takes to be a blogger, and to be blogged about. Make you feel good to have someone not only understand our position as bloggers but to put it to paper.

Seriously though, one of the best parts of this book is that it encourages you to make mistakes. To play with words even if you know that grammatically it is not even close to being correct. Overall, she inspires you to be a better writer overall, for no one but you.

  • Write in a stream of consciousness: Forget everything you ever learned about writing and just write. Let it all out: the good, bad, mad, angry, boring, and ugly.
  • Ask yourself questions: What do I want to change about myself? What would I never change about myself?
  • Copy quotes: Other people's words can help you figure out where you are in life, or where you'd like to be.
  • It takes time: Don't lose faith if you don't imme­diately feel better after writing in your journal. Think of each entry as part of a collection that will eventually reveal its meaning to you.

I really think you will find her book inspiring! You can pick up a copy of 's Note to Self at Amazon or your local book seller.

Please Note: Samara has a sparkling personality that shines through in the pages. She also has a very no nonsense approach and has entries that may not be suitable to younger readers. She includes talk about substance abuse and cheating on her comedian boyfriend in the text so use your discretion when purchasing for a teen.

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Stacy said...

I started a journal when my husband and I first started dating. It only lasted a few months, but its funny to look back and see how pathetic I was!!


windycindy said...

Hello, This brings back memories of when I was a young girl and had a diary! It was white with gold frills on it. It even had padlock with a key. I used to cry and laugh writing in my journal. The sad thing is, I don't know what happened to it. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

windycindy said...

I am subscribed to your feed via my Yahoo Reader! Thanks, Cindi

Jennifer, A Self-Confessed Foodie said...

I've tried writing in a journal before but I've never really managed to keep it up for more than a week before I get distracted. I'd love to write in one on a daily basis!

Jen said...

I love to journal, I have been keeping a journal since I was in high school. Note to Self sound like a great way to take it to the next level. Thank you.

LadyBug-Kellie said...

I kept a journal while I was pregnant with my girl. I go back and read it sometimes and remember it fondly. However some of it makes me wonder about getting pregnant again - like when I described in great detail all of the throwing up & aches & pains lol!!
ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have loved keeping a journal. I keep it short and sweet so i don't feel overwhelmed but it helps me stay grateful for the small everyday things.

Anonymous said...

i subscribed to your feed too!

Anonymous said...

I also added you on technorati!

Jen said...

I subscribed to your feed via Bloglines. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice book! I added you to my reader!

Anonymous said...

I've tried writing in a journal before but I've never really managed to keep it up for more than a week before I get distracted. Thank you.

judybrittle said...

I tried keeping a journal a long time ago but it was really boring. I guess back then I didn't have much of an exciting life.

judybrittle said...

I'm subscribed

Peggy said...

I love writing and keeping a journal,its a keepsake for my grand children and great grand children,to hold , touch something I wrote,what I was going through in life and who I am. Count me in to this wonderful contest

klp1965 said...

i had one when i was a teenager and my mother read i never wrote in it again :(

Jen said...

Just put a link on my wired wednesday post please come visit!

Jen said...

Also added your button to my side bar. Come on over.
Thanks! Jen

calgirl said...

I journal when I have an unusual day or when my family have issues. I am doing more now since my son died who left his letters to and from friends in his room.