Saturday, September 6, 2008

Share and Share Alike

What I Found: I was recently sent a game from the cool new Hasbro/Playskool game that is part of the Noodleboro collection called the “Learning to…Share Fun Park Game”. My daughter P2 took one look at the brightly colored box and she could not wait to play it.

What I Liked: It took a few minutes to assemble all of the parts but in no time, we were ready to get started. Since the big focus of the Noodleboro games is to reinforce Social Skills, they had provided some real bonus items - A book that has a story relevant to the game and sharing as well as an audio CD that is filled with fun stories and songs. P2 was excited to hear the new CD and loved the music and she could not wait for me to get to the end of the story so she could, "see what happened!" Too cute!

The game itself is made for ages 4+ and has pieces that are sturdy and made to be handled. There are short, easy to understand instructions that are written in both English and Spanish. The game was quite fun for both of us. Designed as a Fairground, my daughter really loved rolling the die, collecting the tokens and doing the different activities.

What I Didn't Like: The instructions say that the game is designed for 2 to 4 players. I found that having only 2 players actually decreased the impact of the lesson in sharing. We were both getting tokens and neither of us really were ever in need so there really was no impetus to share. When we played again later with 3 players, the lesson came across much more clearly.

What I Say: With birthdays and the Holidays fast approaching, I would certainly say that the Noodleboro games are true keepers! You cannot beat having your kids learn the lessons you need them to while have loads of fun.

If you hurry, Mom Central is raffling 200 Noodleboro games off to Moms who sign up here.

They retail for $24.99. You can also find many Noodleboro products online at Hasbro as well as at Target and Walmart stores.


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