Monday, September 29, 2008

What is a blist, anyway?

Since I KNOW I the smartest readers in the world, y'all are probably w-a-y ahead of me here and know all about what I am about to discuss. On the off chance that you were napping when this was discussed, have you ever heard of a blist? Yeah, me neither.:)

What is blist, you ask?
"It's the world's easiest database. blist is a rich, web-based application that allows you to create simple or complex lists and organize all kinds of information. It's like an online spreadsheet but with the capabilities of a database. blist is an online, social database which means you can easily share your data with others, publish data on the web, explore and find interesting data and even borrow other people's data structures to jump start your own."

And what does this have to do with Book Week? Well, I know I sometimes struggle to remember the title or author (or entire book, for that matter!) of a fantastic children's book I want to read to my kids and Amy, one of the fabulous folks over at blist headquarters, has created a Top 100 Children's Books blist and said I could share it with YOU! Isn't that cool?

So head on over and take a peek at the great reads and their available information. Then the next time you need a little help in the memory department, you'll know just where to go!

Oh, and she also has Entertainment Weekly's Top 50 Book Classics as well as about a zillion other terrific subjects. Enjoy!


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