Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls and their Horses...Ariel's Journey (Review)

Have you heard of the book, Ariel's Journey? No silly, not THAT Ariel, we are talking about a horse of a different color...or in this case breed.

Ariel’s Journey: The Ice Horse Adventures by Doug Kane and Christy Wood is a book right after this grown-up horse girl's heart. Centered around the love between girls and their horses, Ariel's Journey is the first in the Ice Horse Adventures series.

Five very different young women go on an overnight trail ride together riding Icelandic horses - beautiful, fluffy, stocky horses. They hold hidden abilities and knowledge, which the girls are about to discover. The horses and their young riders are pulled centuries into the past to save the village of their ancestors.

Uncovering amazing strengths in both in the horses and themselves, they all work together to challenge a ruthless enemy, rescue a young princess, and realize their destinies include a prophecy only they can fulfill.

Will the girls develop the trust and friendship necessary to battle together? Are the horses going to survive a battle plan sure to end in disaster? Can the young princess be saved before the evil chieftain destroys her? Can true love cross the distance of eight hundred years? Their very lives will depend on the magic only the Ice Horses can provide, and the courage hidden within their hearts.

What I Say:
I'll admit that I had to keep pretending these girls were a little older that indicated in the story, especially to be able to buy into the romance but maybe that is just me. However the time spent with these marvelous horses was spot on. Not up on your Icelandic fantasy? There is a well-written glossary to help keep you on track. The story moves along at a good pace, leaving you curious about what will happen next.

Ariel's Journey is intended to be a young readers book and would probably appeal to girls ages 8 and up. As the adventure to the mystic and historic Iceland is somewhat surreal, I think those who enjoy historical fiction with a touch of romance and fantasy would enjoy the book as well. Add to that all of the horse-lovers, young and old and, well, the book would appeal to many.

Another reason to select this book is that it is brand spankin' new...available for the first time Saturday, November 1st. It retails for about $15.99 and can be purchased online at or your local book seller. So chalk another one up for the Christmas lists and check it out today!

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Heart of Rachel said...

It sounds like a wonderful story filled with amazing adventures.