Monday, October 20, 2008

Complete Idiots Guide to Backyard Adventures : A Review

When Kailani over at Family Review Network asked if I was interested in reviewing any of the new books being released at Penguin as part of the Complete Idiot's Guide series, I sent her a list of 6 that sounded interesting, thinking I might be sent one or possibly two to review. Instead, Penguin graciously sent me ALL SIX TITLES! lol and before I knew it, well, I had a whole lot o' readin' to do. Well, I am finished with them now and ready to tell you what I learned! In fact, I am even going to give away a couple while I am at it so sit down, buckle up and get ready to learn all about Backyard Adventures, Photography Essentials, Weird Word Origins, Snack Cakes, Fighting Fatigue, and Fun FAQ's!

...Also known as Fun in your own backyard!

This book could not have been published at a better time. With the Economy being like it is , more and more families are avoiding the large, costly fvacations and opting for the home-based Stay-cation.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Backyard Adventures is a perfect guide to get those creative juices flowing and allow you to come up with family activities that will still be one for them memory books while keeping the wallet intact. In here you will find ideas about:

  • Traditional backyard adventures—insect safaris, treasure hunts, and backyard botany
  • Individualized sports camps—from golf to tennis to basketball and more
  • A personalized artist’s colony that lets the writers and rock stars in the family shine
  • Block parties, pet parades, and ice cream socials that get the whole neighborhood together
  • Tips for searching for history in your own hometown
  • Hometown vacations that the entire family can plan and enjoy together
Written by Nancy Worrell who is an author, an artist, and a designer of personal, home decorating, and gift projects. She is the mother of three grown daughters and the grandmother of four. She spent much of her life in the rural South, where she and her family spent a lot of their time creating their own adventures.

You will learn how to go on a Walkabout, how to organize and hold a Pet Parade, read the history behind the ancient art of making paper and receive the instructions you need to accomplish it plus how to create your own Training Camp among other great treats. In the back of the book, Nancy lists all sorts of holidays to celebrate, from the traditional to the fanciful, allowing you an occasion to do just about anything.

Home School Parent, Full-time Parent, Part-time Parent, Grand Parent or even Babysitter will find page after page of fun and creative ideas. The book itself is paperback and an enjoyable 154 pages long so you will not get lost in page after page of tired old ideas and theories.

Released in May of 2008, A Complete Idiot's Guide to Backyard Adventures could be just what you need to add extra pizazz to that next family activity. ISBN: 9781592577576 and retailing for $12.95, it can be purchased at Amazon or many bookstores near you.


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