Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because It’s Christmas - Group 2 gift unwrapped - Haba Casalino Fabric Blocks GIVEAWAY

Right now, over at 3 P’s in a Pod, there is a review and giveaway for the Haba Casalino Fabric Blocks from our Group 2 giveaways! Haba’s corporate philosphy is “top-quality products for children to use and enjoy” and they strive for top quality, reliable and environmentally friendly toys. Haba views themselves as a”single source supplier” for children and has expanded beyond the wood manufactured toys they are known for and also offers jewelry, porcelain dishes and textiles.

Here’s just a snippet from the review:

  • Winner of 2007 Toy Man Product Guide Seal of Approval & Award of Excellence & eChoice Editor’s Choice Award, Haba Casalino Fabric Blocks are for babies six months and up. Your child will have a blast playing with these four building blocks. Not only do each of these brightly colored plush blocks have magnets inside so baby can stick them together, but each one of has a unique interactive fun feature such as a peek-a-boo clown, an open/close door and a tuck-away bear. The four little houses create a neighborhood full of surprises: squeaks, rattles and rustles and full of elements to touch and squeeze. The quality design of shapes and colors stimulates sensory perception and introduces new valuable experiences as your baby grows. Spot clean with a damp cloth, air dry.

For more information about the Haba Casalino Fabric Blocks, and to enter to win, visit: Because It’s Christmas - Group 2 - Haba Casalino Fabric Blocks GIVEAWAY.

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