Sunday, November 16, 2008

Because It’s Christmas - Group 3 gift unwrapped - Terra Kids Headlamp from Haba GIVEAWAY

A Terra Kids Headlamp from Haba is the next gift we are unwrapping in our Kids & Charity Giveaway. Haba is giving one Terra Kids Headlamp away to one of YOU and they are also donating one Terra Kids Headlamp to charity to the Household Pantry at the First United Methodist Church in Lowell, IN.

Here is an excerpt:

This toy was designed for outdoor exploration, for camping or hiking, or just having fun in the backyard. I can also envision many indoor uses for it as well. From building forts to exploring the lower level of our house, I know Jake will have a blast with it. I am pretty sure he is going to insist on sleeping with it on. This is a quality toy and the potential for pretend play is extraordinary. I can’t imagine a 5 year old boy who wouldn’t love it!


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Because It's Christmas - Group 3 gift UNWRAPPED - Terra Kids Headlamp from HABA GIVEAWAY

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