Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Because It’s Christmas - Group 3 gift unwrapped - Giant Panda from Xeko Pals GIVEAWAY

The next gift we are unwrapping in our Kids & Charity Giveaway is a Giant Panda from Xeko Pals. You can read all about it over on What's THAT Smell? Xeko Pals are actually the plush line of characters from Xeko (pronounced Z-eco as in ecology), the award winning eco-adventure game starring the wild animals of Earth’s endangered habitats. Remember when I did the review and giveaway of the Xeko Mission China game? Yep, those are one and the same and Xeko Pals is giving one Giant Panda plush pal away to one of YOU plus they are donating one Giant Panda plush pal to charity to the Household Pantry at the First United Methodist Church in Lowell, IN.

Here is a little snippet to whet your wistle...

As a parent, I am completely enamored with the fact that the panda is made from organic cotton and soy-based materials. I am also intrigued and impressed with the educational aspect and the environmental awareness that the panda can help instill in my kids. The fact that at face value it is a stuffed animal, but behind the scenes it allows kids to experience an interactive adventure that teaches them about the world we live in, makes him a wonderfully versatile little stuffed guy!


For more information about the Xeko Pals Giant Panda Giveaway, and to enter to win, visit:

Because It's Christmas - Group 3 gift UNWRAPPED - Giant Panda from Xeko Pals GIVEAWAY

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