Monday, November 3, 2008

Bella Sara and Baby Bella - A Horse Girls Delight!

Let me introduce you to my horse girl, P2. This child is ALL about horses - Big ones, little ones, pretend or actual, she is 100% completely in love with horses. No surprise then really, when not too long ago while we were waiting at our local Target to check out, that P2 discovered a wonderful new thing - Bella Sara Trading cards. Little did she really know that the cards were just the tip of the wonderful iceberg!

Bella Sara trading cards can be used to activate and nurture virtual horses in the online world of Bella Sara at and are actually one of the hottest new games for girls for this upcoming holiday season. This amazing and fun-filled Web site features horse jumping and riding games, puzzles, coloring books, interactive storybooks and much more. Each Bella Sara trading card features a stunningly designed and imaginatively artistic horse image along with an inspirational saying that promotes inner beauty, emotional strength and self-worth.
Developed by Danish social worker Gitte Odder Brændgaard to encourage young girls to accept and express their feelings, Bella Sara cards have become available in 15 countries and the Web site has users around the world from 240 countries.

Baby Bella - the foals - is the latest in the line of the Bella Sara trading cards. On November 6th, a 10-day celebration begins on the website. They will introduce Bella's new baby and daily gifts for Bella Sara fans. The foal's gender will remain a secret until the launch of the promotion, when kids will be able to download the foal for a limited time. In addition, website visitors can download some of the babies' birth certificates, read Bella's journal and other parents' stories and have access to special pass along codes that change daily.
There will also be a contest, in which winners from various age groups will win Bella Birthday packages consisting of decorations and special guest goody bags, as well as full sets of Bella Sara merchandise and accessories.Wow!


Are you as dazzled as I am?

We were recently sent a couple of sets of Baby Bella trading cards to review from Team Mom and I cannot thank them enough! As a grown up Horse girl, I know I am in love with the beauty and helpful, positive message that horses can reflect. That beauty and helpful, positive message has been perfectly captured in the Bella Sara cards and world. Baby Bella will help to make that whole 'Circle of Life' thing complete. Bravo to Hidden City Games for providing this fantastic oasis for girls of age 5 and up!

If you know a horse girl, RUN - do not walk - to your nearest Target, Toys r Us, Walmart or others and help open your sweetie's eyes to a whole new world of enchantment and value today.

This review was made possible thanks to Team Mom.


Because It's Christmas begins Nov. 10th on my blog, 3 P's in a Pod and you won't want to miss a minute!

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She's a lovely girl. It's wonderful how much she loves horses. That's a wonderful shot of her.

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