Monday, November 24, 2008

Can You Keep a Secret? The Secret Keeper Girls Series book review

I just learned a very terrifying fact - as of September, I will be mom to a Tween! That's right gang, girls ages 8 to 12 are now classified as Tweens and the way things have been going with P1, we will be in for one rocky ride. And there is so much to teach her, to help her stay safe, make good choices and be happy with seemingly so little time to do it.

Thankfully, there are wonderful people like Dannah Gresh who take their experiences with their daughters and build on them. Dannah is the creator of the Secret Keeper line of products, a line designed to help us teach our girls about purity, modesty and divine worth. This purpose really caught my attention because it goes hand in hand with the tenets of our Church and the things taught in Activity Days and Young Women's.

From her website:
Dannah has sold over half a million copies of her books—including And the Bride Wore White and Lies Young Women Believe (co-authored with Nancy Leigh DeMoss)—, making her one of the most successful Christian authors targeting teens and tweens. She is the author of all of the Secret Keeper Girl products and creator of the tour, which will be in sixty cities in 2009. Dannah lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two teenage daughters, Lexi and Autumn. She is shamelessly in love with her labradoodle, Stormie.

One of the books Dannah has written is Danika's Totally Terrible Toss, one of a series of four. The series, meant to teach family values and biblical truth through hilarious fiction, is all about four middle school girls. The girls met during school detention and formed a club -- the Secret Keeper Girls. In each book you get to read about the life of one of the four girls and how they support each other through the trials and tribulations of tween life.

Danika's Totally Terrible Toss follows Danika, who is struggling with mean girls. Sadly, I have already seen this be an issue in my daughter's circle of so-called friends. This little girl says rude and hurtful things for seemingly no reason at all. This book was the perfect opening for talking about her 'friend' and how to deal with her poor behaviour.

We enjoyed the story and made good use of the interactive on-line fun. Girls are able to connect even more with the Secret Keeper characters by simply clicking on I loved how each book features a Girl Gab Q&A section, helping to jumpstart conversations between moms and daughters They cover things like making the right decisions about important issues like mean girls, make-up, modesty, boys, and more!

What Do I Say?
The book was a short, easy read and it kept P1's attention with no problem and that is at age 7. I really liked the activities linked to it, the influence for good regarding appropriate life choices, and I LOVED the way it helped moms get started in these meaningful conversations. If you are put off by books with a significant moral code, then these may not be for you. If you are a Christian Mom, however, looking to help counter the messages our girls are pounded with every day, then you are in for a real treat. Run, don't walk to pick up a copy for your Tween today!

The books can be purchased for around $7.99 at, or your local Christian bookstore.


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