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Lotus Bèbè brings Eco-Luxury for Babies

Lotus Bèbè brings Eco-Luxury for Babies

Collection of bamboo and soy baby blankets and accessories launched

Moorpark, CA - November 14, 2008-- Lotus Bèbè by Raulin Enterprises, Inc. recently launched a new collection of soybean and bamboo baby blankets and accessories to the eco-market.

The company, located in Southern California, was created by Kathleen Raulin, CEO and “Mommy-Entrepreneur”, in 2008 who says, “I couldn’t find stylish baby accessories that were also environmentally friendly for my own son. There were very few options out there, and what I found was pretty boring.”

The Lotus Bèbè collection includes luxury soy blankets, bamboo blankets, and petite blankies. The blankets come trimmed in 100% vibrant silk. For that sustainable luxury all little ones deserve. Each blanket comes tied with a ribbon and a tag printed on 100% recycled paper with embedded wildflower seeds. “We wanted to have the least amount of packaging of our products and also something that can be recycled.” says Kathleen. The tag can be planted in soil and in a few weeks wildflowers will sprout.

The chemicals used in the growing and manufacturing of conventional textiles can contribute to an overall decline in both our health and the environment, with sensitivities and health problems becoming more common. The many benefits of using bamboo and soy can help keep our children and our earth healthy.

The soybean fabric is produced by using the leftover dregs of tofu and soybean oil production and spinning the proteins into threads. Soybean is sustainable because it uses what would have been waste and turning it into something useful, namely soybean fabric. The production of soybean does not pollute the environment as the accessory and auxiliary agents are non-toxic and the residue after the protein is extracted can still be used as feed for livestock. The fabric produced by this process is light and smooth with a silky sheen. Some of the benefits of soy are:

· Naturally resistant to certain types of bacteria

· Wicks moisture away to help keep skin dry and comfortable

· Keeps out harmful UV rays

· Biodegradable

Bamboo is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo is by nature pest resistant and grown naturally without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and uses very little rain water. Bamboo also regenerates quickly and can be harvested repeatedly. The bamboo plants used for fabric is planted and grown on family-owned farms that have been in agricultural use for generations. The raw material bamboo is selected from a non-polluted region in the Yunnan and Sichuan province in China. The whole distilling and production process is a green process without any effect on the environment. The resulting fabric is light, almost translucent, and softer than cotton with a natural sheen that feels like silk or cashmere. In addition, bamboo fiber is a biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fiber, it can be 100% biodegraded in the soil by microorganisms and sunshine. Some of the benefits of bamboo are:

· Naturally anti-bacterial

· Hypo-allergenic; won't irritate skin

· Double the absorbency of regular cotton

· Thermal regulating to keep the body cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather

· Keeps out harmful UV rays

· 100% Biodegradable

The Lotus Bebe collection is currently available at boutique shops including Juvenile Shop - Sherman Oaks, CA, Drool – Thousand Oaks, Ca, Baby Coo – Los Gatos, CA. The collection is also available online at,, and The company is seeking retailers and wholesalers around the US to handle their line, please call 1(800)298-0803 for more details.

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More about Lotus Bèbè and Raulin Enterprises, Inc.

Lotus Bèbè by Raulin Enterprises, Inc. was created in Southern California, in 2008, out of a need for stylish baby accessories that were also environmentally friendly. They discovered the unique properties of bamboo and soybean fabrics and started looking for items made with either. Trying to find items made from bamboo and soybean was challenging, due to the fact that no one was carrying these items. So the idea of Lotus Bèbè was started. There product line was launched with hip mommas and poppas in mind, who want to give their children something natural, eco-friendly but at the same time luxurious.

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