Monday, November 24, 2008


As you can tell, I have a few sleep 'issues' . Never used to. Used to sleep like a rock. Then I had kids.:)

No seriously, I do struggle with some insomnia from time to time so when the great folks over at Pzizz asked if I would like to try their program, well, I was ALL over it!

So first off, just what is Pzizz?

Well, from Pzizz:

In as little as 10 minutes, Pzizz can clear your brain, improve focus, lower stress and let you get on with your day by helping you take a short performance break. How does it work? The Pzizz software is downloaded to your PC/Mac/mobile device in two forms: an Energizer Module (which helps users take power naps during the day) and a Sleep Module (which helps users get a good night’s sleep).
Now, the nighttime/Insomnia part was not likely to fly at my house, considering my hubby is a very sensitive sleeper but the nap part? Oh I was more than happy to oblige!

Here are some handy tips Pzizz gave me to make the most of my naplet.

Top 5 tips on how to squeeze in a power nap while your kids take their naps.

1. Make sure you understand how much you deserve this
'time out'.
2. Use Pzizz as often as possible so that your
subconscious becomes accustomed to it and you are able to nap quickly
and effectively!
3. Make yourself nice and comfortable so that relaxation
is easy
4. Enjoy your 'time out'. Make the most of your own time
and let go of all the stresses of the day
5. Make sure others understand what you are doing and
how important it is for you, ESPECIALLY your children!

Pzizz in Energizer Mode

The first time I tried the pzizz energizer module, I used it for about 20 minutes and did not find it terribly effective. I was much too focused on reviewing the product and not enough on relaxing and disengaging. When I tried it a second time though, I had myself one happy little nap!

Apparently Pzizz startst working better the more you use it. I work up feeling refreshed and ready to continue my day. I really felt refreshed and like I had my second wind for the day, which is always a good thing.

My Mom has always had the ability to 'power nap'. Give her 15 minutes on the floor or couch and she is good to go for many more hours. I always envied that a little because I am really only refreshed after a nap if the nap is like a 2 hour deal and even then it was not a guarentee because I am just as apt to wake up with a Migraine or other headache and feel worse off than when I started!

Now I see that I too can 'power nap' and feel really good aftward, thanks to Pzizz. As a Mom, this is a huge gift! Now I can capitalize on those times when P3 is napping without feeling like I am loosing w-a-y too much time out of my day and wake up feeling calmer and more alert.

So give it a try Moms - I think you will like it!

Pzizz in available for both Mac and PC. You can have either the Energizer or Sleep module for $29.95 or both for $49.95. Read more or download the trial or a demo soundtrack for either module at


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