Monday, December 8, 2008

They Are Making a List and Have Checked it Twice...Mom Central, that is!

You probably know that I am lucky enough to work with those wonderful folks over at Mom Central from time to time on Reviews and such. Since I began working with them, I have made a point of reading their newsletter and visiting their blog every month to see all of the wonderful things they have in store. Stacy and gang over there really do care about women and moms especially. I know they took a poll to see how many of us were having financial concerns regarding spending during this Holiday season and a whopping 91% of the moms who replied say yes! Well, Mom Central to the rescue!

If you have not yet visited Mom Central, especially their Holiday Giveaways, then you are in for a real treat! Just like their press release says...

"“Making a list and checking it twice” serves as the mantra of the Mom Central team as
they alleviate the burden on Moms to research gift ideas by introducing their First Annual
Holiday Gift guide. The staff at Mom Central has done the homework for Moms,
evaluating hundreds of products in the following categories: for him, for her, for
baby/toddler, for tweens, for teens, and even for pets. The Mom Central team assesses the
quality, availability, the claims each advertises and, of course, if it will put a twinkle in
the eye of the receiver.
Since Mom Central receives some of these products before anyone else, providing Moms
exclusive access to new and innovative gifts. Products include affordable gift ideas from
Sony, Philips, Nautilus, Casio, Playskool, Baby Einstein, Netflix, Hasbro, Razor, A&E,
and more.
Mom Central will also give away thousands of dollars worth of products in multiple daily
drawings. Each provides the chance to win an entire gift package that includes gifts worth
hundreds of dollars – a great way to combat financial stress this holiday season."

Now the giveaways may have started December 1st but you have f-a-r from missed out! Take a look at what they still have planned!

Day 7, December 9th: Toys for Toddlers Gift Package
Day 8, December 10th: Little Book Lovers Giveaway
Day 9, December 11th: Being a Kid - Boys' and Girls' Gift Packages
Day 10, December 12th: Furry Friends Gift Package
Day 11, December 13th: For Tweens - Boys' and Girls' Gift Packages
Day 12, December 14th: Teenage Fun Gift Package
Day 13, December 15th: Health and Wellbeing Gift Package
Day 14, December 16th: For Him Gift Package
Day 15, December 17th: For Her Gift Package
Day 16, December 18th: Family Night Gift Package

So hurry on over and visit
Mom Central's First Annual Holiday Gift Guide,

On an additional note, I am often asked how to get started doing Reviews and Giveaways. The answer I give is to start reviewing what you have at home already and blogging about it. That gives you
experience and might just get you noticed. Secondly, keep your eyes open for opportunities to join in testing and reviewing communities like the one HERE at Mom Central because you just never know where that might lead.

Good luck and Merry Christmas! See ya over at Mom Central!


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