Monday, September 29, 2008

Start a Momtourage! Coming Unglued: Review & Giveaway

What is a momtourage? Quite simply it is a play group for moms.

Doesn't that sound fun?!

See, we all know that we modern moms are in over our pretty little heads. According to "The Today Show," iVillage and MSNBC, it takes more than a village to raise a family - it takes a "Momtourage." In a trend marked by multiplying play groups, Bunko groups, stitching circles and book clubs, moms are uniting through common hobbies to find companionship and emotional support. So if you find that you need your mom time with the girls, don't feel bad - You are not alone!
In fact, a recent survey by the Craft & Hobby Association says scrapbooking moms have bonded to the tune of a now $2.5 billion industry!! The flourishing industry has spawned scrapbook-centric clubs, conventions, retreats, TV shows, books - even themed cruises on the Queen Mary 2. Being a scrapbooker myself and having been to a convention or two, I totally believe it!

Rebeca Seitz is an avid scrapper, momtourage mobilizer and the author of the "Sisters Ink," novels. She knows first-hand how important girlfriends are to a woman's stability, but in the often isolating world of motherhood, she also knows how difficult it is to find them. She discovered the power of female networks after finding out about her first husband's infidelity. Her girlfriends rallied around her and today, Rebeca is remarried and the mother of two (baby #2 is on the way).
Today, she relies on scrapbooking as a social outlet and the glue that keeps her momtourage together. She brings women together through scrapping, around her kitchen table and in her online community, Sisters, a digital craft circle for scrappers looking to connect regionally.

Want to start your own Momtourage?

Rebecca offers five steps for getting a Momtourage started.

Momtourage 101

1. First, identify a common thread. Motherhood? Love of scrapbooking, books, sewing? Obsession with chocolate or coffee?
2. Carve out a space in your home like a spare room or game room where girlfriends can join you in your craft, or secure a space at a public facility like a library or community center.
3. Establish a schedule and take turns hosting, or determine to schedule each consecutive meeting at the current meeting.
4. Connect. Make certain your time together allows for the most important thing - conversation!
5. Stick with it. Remind each other that you are better moms, wives, daughters, women because you’re connecting with other women. No need for guilt!

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Now let me tell you about a new kind of Fiction series -- Written By, For, and About Scrapbookers!!!

“Millions of scrappers are engaged in this hobby because they love to capture the stories of their families,” Seitz says. “That love of story carries over into the world of novels. We love reading other people’s stories as well. My hope is to entertain scrappers and lovers of fiction alike with stories about small towns, sisters, and scrapping.”

A new four book series, Sisters Ink, is being published by B&H Publishing Group. The series centers on the popular world of scrapbooking and four adopted sisters who unite in their mom’s attic to scrap and, ultimately, support one another through life’s trials in the process.

Coming Unglued is the second book in the SISTERS, INK series of novels. At the center of the creativity and humor are four unlikely young adult sisters, each separately adopted during early childhood into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sinclair. (Gee, I wonder why that would appeal to me?!:)

Ten years after their mother Marilyn has died, the multi-racial Sinclair sisters (Meg, Kendra, Tandy, and Joy) still return to her converted attic scrapbooking studio in the small town of Stars Hill, Tennessee, to encourage each other through life’s highs and lows. They’ve even turned their artistic passion into a new local scrapbooking business known as Sisters, Ink.
Coming Unglued focuses on painter and musician Kendra who struggles with her sense of self-worth—a struggle that only intensifies when she realizes a “friendship” developed with a guy at a jazz club is actually an emotional affair. With her sisters’ help, Kendra strives to do what’s right, embracing the call to safeguard her heart and mind and hold fast to her Beliefs.

This is a strong and well written book - not just fluff. If you enjoy crafting, scrapbooking, sisterhood and the great bonds of friendship, you will enjoy this book!

The next book in the series, Scrapping Plans, Sisters Ink Series #3 will be released 2/1/09!

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Win it!

The Prize: A copy of Coming Unglued, the second book in the Sisters Ink series.

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windycindy said...

Hello, I think this book series is fabulous. I have read many good things about it. My family memories are mostly preserved in scrapbooks and on computer memory cards! Please enter me in your fabulous giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

windycindy said...

I am a subscriber to your site. Thanks, Cindi

Michele said...

I preseverve my family's memories by scrapbooking. To be honest, it's been a long time since I've completed a layout, but I'm hoping to get back to it very soon as I make an album for my mom and dad's 40th wedding anniversary.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

Michele said...

I'm a subscriber!

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

phxbne said...

I am a susbscriber

phxbne said...

I 'mean' to preserve my family memories by journalling and scrapbooking...

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog through Twittermoms. :) Congrats on the Red Sox win last night btw. :)

Please stop by and say hello.

I would love it if you'd consider subscribing to my feed. :)

Julie said...

Scrapbooking is such a wonderful way to preserve years and years and years :) of memories. For me the secret is finding/making the time to actually sit down and create the pages.

Anonymous said...

we preserve our memories by posting every little memorable thing on a huge "wall of memories"!

jdmimi [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com

Becky said...

Pictures! I take pictures all of the time and have tons of books, collages, framed pics on the walls, etc. I love saving that memory of that time even if it is just one day of the kids playing in the mud.

Thanks for the contest.

kygirl said...

I take pictures and write in a journal.

Hetal said...

I started scrapbooking after my first one was born, and to amazement for myself, I have kept the tradition on since last 6 yrs .

paryjeja said...

I use pictures and repeat family stories to my children

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read this book. The girls in my family like to scrapbook to preserve our memories. We take lots of pictures and scrapbook them. I also have a cedar chest full of awards, cards, newspaper clippings, etc. that I have been given or that are of great interest. I think it is great for preserving memories as well.

klp1965 said...

i use lots and lots of scrapbooks and albums

sweetsue said...

I am ashamed to say that I have all of our photos in shoe boxes! Every year I promise to do something with them, but get too busy. Maybe this winter!

Anonymous said...

I take lots of pictures and then use them in journals so I can write about the events. I'm never quite caught up though :-)

Unknown said...

I scrapbook. I love it.

rebbi511 at

Unknown said...

right now just with photos, and stories. adn really to us that is good enough!

thanks for this contest!

karissag at

mverno said...

phot albums and word of mouth

idahomom said...

I love digital photos because you can send them to everyone.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this promotion.

Karen said...

Sounds like a wonderful series :)

chromiumman said...

i'm scanning all our old slides into the computer

susan1215 said...

I take pictures

mrs.mommyy said...


Tammy said...

I have now switched to digital scrapbooking but was doing traditional scrapbooking to preserve our memories.

Tonya said...

All of our pics are saved on discs with several backup copies of each,

fancyfeet48 said...

I just started scrapbooking its fun because I have thousands of photos

masonsgranny59 said...

I don't do a real great job .but I do have several albums.

yadgirl said...

I keep a journal

Donna said...

I scrapbook

Donna said...

I subscribed.