Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Don't You Pick a PakNak and Put it on Your Backpack! (PakNak Review)

Betcha can't say that 10 times fast -Why Don't You Pick a PakNak and Put it on Your Backpack.

But you can check out PakNak and see how cute their little critters are and enjoy the little bit of happy that they bring!

You are not familiar with Pak Nak? Well let me help you out then.
Pak Naks are rubbery, 3-D, interchangeable charms created by two energetic, creative moms, two cups of tea, two husbands, three children, two cats, one dog and one dream to start a business. They decided they wanted to providing wholesome, age appropriate designs to school-aged children by taking pins, patches, stickers and clip-on charms to a whole new level using Velcro ® material. As they say, PakNak ® sticks to fun!.

When I first heard about the me, I will be honest, I really did not see the point of them. I mean, they were cute but why? Then we were sent some cool PakNak's as seen to the right and my opinion changed. The girls immediately fell in love with Kyla Jane, Manfred, Ginger, and Mona and could not wait until we could put them on their backpacks. They are so clever. Each critter has their own personality, complete with a list of favorite foods, best friends, favorite activities, and where they call home. They even come with trading cards!

Each charm is super easy to attach and since the self-adhesive, flexible, weatherproof designs stand up to tough kids and tough play, the sky's the limit as to what they can be adhered to. Seriously, they can be stuck on lamps, lunch boxes, shelves, boxes, you name it!

And there's tons to do on Pak Nak's web site alone including downloading the entire Pak Nak character coloring book and getting addicted to the Nak-Land Game.

Are you sold? Well I hope so because we sure are! And the folks at PakNak are kindly offering my amazing readers a 10% of any purchase you make(see code below). How cool is that? What? I didn't tell you where to buy them yet? You're right!

PakNak's can be purchased for about $3.99 each online at the site or at one of several specialty shops in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm thinking these would be a fabulous stocking stuffer...how 'bout you?;)

Enter discount code PAK10 for 10% off your total purchase.


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