Sunday, October 26, 2008

How DO You fit a Hug in a Lunchbox??

When I was a kid, my Mom always made THE BEST school lunches. Seriously. She was always varying the menu and including special little treats for me but my favorite thing was that each and every day, she wrote me a special little note on my napkin and told me that she loved me.

Now that I am a Mom, I have really wanted to send that same message to my girls and make sure that they know that even on the most rotten of days, they are loved. I send notes on their napkins but half the time they end up soggy and the ink runs and my message is lost. Well, I found a new way to deliver that message.

Check out Kids Lunchbox Cards.

What child could resist smiling when they discover these fun cards in their lunchbox? Each card has a fun graphic and a question or riddle then the answer is in a scratch off box. Simply scratch off for the answer. AND THAT IS ONLY THE FRONT OF THE CARD! The back is like a post cards, allowing plenty of space for a Mom-o-gram, chock full o' love.
There are 5 special cards in each pack - One for each day of the week! Each pack runs $4.95 and can be purchased online at the Kids Lunchbox Cards site.

There are card packs that feature:

Mystical Little People
Real Looney Laws
Ewww! That's gross
It's a Wacky World

So pack some Mom Love inside your sweetie's lunchbox and order LUNCHBOX CARDS today!


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