Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Because It's Christmas: Group 4 UNWRAPPED - North Star Toys' Pegasus, Unicorn & Dragon GIVEAWAY

The next gifts we are unwrapping are a mystical Unicorn, Pegasus, and Dragon from North Star Toys, right now, over on 3 P's in a Pod! YOU can win this as one of the great gifts from Group 4 and an identical one has been donated the Relief Nursery of Collin County in Plano, TX.

North Star Toys was the perfect fit for our Because It's Christmas Kids & Charity Giveaway because of the very nature of what their products are made out of - honest to goodness non-toxic WOOD.

The little Elves at North Star Toys are hard at work, especially at this time of year, trying to make sturdy, beautiful toys that will please boys and girls both young and old. The owners of North Star Toys have been an absolute delight to work with and truthfully, their toys reflect that. They believe that children deserve beautiful, functional toys.

Here is a snippet:
My almost 6 year old daughter is a lover of all things fanciful like faeries and sprites so the Unicorn, Pegasus, and Dragon are a perfect gift for her. In fact, she has them on her Christmas Wish List! She said the Pegasus and Unicorn are "so beautiful" and "the Dragon isn't scary at ll...why he is a nice Dragon!" I cannot wait to see her face light up when she realizes she actually gets them for her very own. Each creature is incredibly well made. They are sanded and finished so that they are super smooth. They each have an attached part like their wings or horn and I have given them each a sound tug enough times to know they will withstand even her most rigorous inspections and activities. I am sure they will all take many flights of fancy together and continue to stretch and build her imagination for years to come!


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Because It's Christmas: Group 4 UNWRAPPED - North Star Toys' Unicorn, Pegasus, and Dragon GIVEAWAY

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