Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Because It's Christmas: Group 4 UNWRAPPED - Crayola®'s GLOW STATION™ GIVEAWAY

This next gift will make just about everyone excited. Right now over on 3P's in a Pod, we have unwrapped the Crayola® GLOW STATION! Crayola has once again graciously provided us with one for both the Relief Nursery of Collin County in Plano, Texas and one of YOU! That's right, the Crayola® Glow Station™ Art Station is the next item being unwrapped from Group 4 in our Because It's Christmas Kids and Charity giveaway!

Here is a snippet:

The Glow Station itself is a flat, smooth surface made from glow-in-the-dark, light-sensitive material. It is designed to hang from a nail or hook on the wall. As it comes folded in the box, you may have to roll it or place it under a dictionary to encourage it to stay flat.

The light wand is shaped like a large pen and has a small light bulb at the tip. The wand requires three AAA batteries. Once they have been installed, you can use the light wand to "draw" on the Glow Station canvas to create artwork that glows brightly from the light-activated canvas. The darker the room, the more brightly artwork glows. To 'erase' your work of art, you simply turn on the lights or allow it to fade away gradually on it's own in about 5 minutes.


For more information about the Glow Station Giveaway, and to enter to win, visit:

Because It's Christmas: Group 4 UNWRAPPED - Crayola's Glow Station GIVEAWAY

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