Monday, November 3, 2008

The Very Tasty Complete Idiots Guide To Snack Cakes - Review

I am gonna be honest here...I do not really like to cook. I do it because it's my job and because I have to. Baking however, is a whole different tamale! My favorite sweet treats have traditionally been cookies (followed closely by a chausson aux pommes!) and yes, I have always been something like the Cookie Monster about them - didn't really matter what kind of cookies they were, just the mere fact that they were cookies was good enough. Nowadays however, I find I am increasingly drawn to baking (and sampling) desserts of many types. Take my Mom's Pumpkin Bars for example....brown sugar, Pecans, butter, and of course Pumpkin...mmmm.

Anyway, I digress. Well, enter the opportunity to review The Complete Idiot's Guide to Snack Cakes and I thought it might be fun. Little did I know what I was in for!

Hundreds upon hundreds of yummy, mouth-watering recipes for dessert treats and specialities from around the World and they are readable! They are do-able! You do not have to be a master chef to comprehend then! Yes Mom, they do have more than 6 ingredients and some do take more than 30 minutes to make but the recipes are so do-able!

Master Baker Leslie Bilderback is the great brain behind these pages. She has been hard at work as a master chef and certified baker for almost 20 years and worked for some incredibly prestigious restaurants.

While it may be hazardous to the waistline, this guide includes:
• Over 100 delicious recipes that are easy to follow for novice and experienced bakers alike
• Decorating tips that range from fun to sublime—illustrated in a gorgeous four-color insert
• Perfect treats for summer get-togethers and holiday parties

What DO I Say?
Well, if you cannot tell already, I am WILD about this book. Leslie has written each recipe to include how much/many it makes, how long it takes to prepare and cook, and then often adds great helpful hints that really make the whole baking experience more pleasant. Yes, I prefer my recipe books to contain lots and lots of pictures but James O. Fraioli (award-winning author and photographer) contributed to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Snack Cakes with his photographs that make a delicious and beautiful center section of the book. For the novice to a fairly well-seasoned baker, this recipe book would be a delight to have in your repetoire.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Snack Cakes was released in June of 2008 and retails for about $16.95. Pick up a copy at either Penguin Books online or a book retailer near you.

This review was made possible in part thanks to the Family Review Network.


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