Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's the Sensible Thing to Do! (Sensible Sippers Review)

You should see my house after school (maybe you shouldn't!). It starts the minute I pick them up - "Mom, what's for snack!". Then we go through the usual litany of options ranging from pretzels with peanut butter to cheese sticks to granola bars. About this time, my 7 year old pipes up with, "Mom, those are all HEALTHY snacks. I want junk food!" And then we have that conversation for the umpteenth time.

Recently I was sent some of the R.W. Knudsen Family’s Sensible Sippers so one day I offered that as an option. You would have thought I had offered toxic waste so I gave one to her youngest sister who happily began to slurp it down. Next thing you know, the 5 year old wanted some and loved it. Seeing this, P1 was not about to be left out so she decided to try some. What do you know? She liked it! Hey, let's get Mikey! Seriously, all 3 girls were soon begging for more.

I, of course, was laughing all the while because, you see, the Sensible Sippers are actually good for you! They are 50% certified organic juice, 50% water to reduce calories and sugar, each contains 40% less calories than traditional juice boxes, and do not have any added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives! Woohoo!

Now I use them in their lunches or when we need to grab a drink to go. The serving size is just about right at 4oz per box. They come in apple, mixed berry, tropical and banana and so far we have tried and love d both the apple and fruit punch. Another added bonus - they do not have a bunch of added coloring to stain or add problems for those with allergy worries. Seriously, these are real winners. And they are not hard to find either - you can get them at your local Whole Foods store. Their suggested retail price is $3.99-$4.49. for an eight pack - not too bad for something so good for you.

So would I buy them? Absolutely. All the time? Probably but to be used with discretion due to the cost. Would I recommend them? Absolutely! After all, it's the Sensible thing to do!:)


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